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“Thanks to Mario, I've gone from burnt out low 6 figure solopreneur to business owner doing $5m+ in revenue with 2 businesses in 2023.” Andre Haykal - Co-founder of KnowledgeX, Client Ascension, and List Kit

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"Thanks to Mario, I've gone from burnt out low 6 figure solopreneur to business owner doing $5m+ in revenue with 2 businesses in 2023."

Andre Haykal Jr

"2 friends recommended that I get in touch with Mario. We've been working for 6 months or so now and my transformation has been unreal.”

James Alberts

TIRED OF THE GRIND? There’s a better way to achieve your goals…

How? Work smart, not just hard. Achieve business growth while staying happy and balanced. The first step? Discover and fix what's holding you back!

Are you…

Overwhelmed By The Stress Of Building Your Business?

Unsure How To Scale Without Exhausting Yourself?

Frustrated By Not Hitting Your Goals Consistently?

You’re not alone. I’ve been there. But with the ZenPreneur Method, it doesn’t have to be like this.



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Hear from business owners Mario has helped achieve success without burnout!

Mario says it like it is.....

"Thanks to Mario and his network, I've been able to hire people, open up space for the things that I actually want to do and reclaim my life. I'm earning more than I ever did, I'm paying my team more than I ever did. Mario has a talent of dismantling patterns and finding holes in your reasoning, through a process that is deeply compassionate."

Gorka Molero Founder of Maility

Burnout was a real option... I needed to make a change.

"Mario says it how it is and I appreciate that. Within 24 hours after our call, a simple suggestion he made gave me another $5K payday. Book in a call with him and pay him whatever he asks, because he could also change your life too."

Steven Trister Founder of The Speaking Revolution

I highly recommend working with Mario.

"In just 3 months of working Mario, I was able to reprogram my mindset, get out of my mental prison and my business is on an upward trajectory ever since. The wisdom he brings transforms how you show up."

Voy Wiacek Co-founder of Modern Renaissance Man

Tripled my income in 6 months

"Over the years, I've tried a lot of life coaches and traditional counselling but it never seems to work. Working with Mario and the idea of mixing life, business and zen was a perfect match."

Matthew Timlin Founder 90 West Digital


The ZenPreneur - Business Advisor - High Performance Coach - Global Speaker

As an entrepreneur, business owner, or agency owner, I know how hard it can be to grow your business while trying to find balance and fulfillment. I've faced these struggles, too. While pursuing my dream of becoming a pilot and later selling my first business in New York, I realized my way of thinking and not knowing how to lead people were holding me back. I was afraid to say no and prioritize my growth. I thought doing everything myself was a sign of strength when, really, I feared asking for help. As a result, achieving my goals took longer, was harder, and cost me precious opportunities. Only when I started changing my mindset and learning to lead effectively did I see real progress. I began delegating tasks, trusting others, and focusing on what mattered.

This led to financial success and brought peace, fulfillment, and meaning to my life. Now, I'm dedicated to helping you overcome similar challenges.

By shifting your mindset and improving your leadership skills, you can reach your business goals faster and enjoy a balanced, fulfilling life.

Let's work together to unlock your full potential and take your business to new heights.

You've got this, and I'm here to support you on your journey.


Master both your inner world and outer results


Tired of hustling till you burn out just to hit your next revenue milestone? There's a better way. The ZenPreneur Method empowers you to rapidly grow your business without the usual overwhelm and anxiety.

Achieve business goals without burning out: Learn to work smarter, not harder, and reach your targets without sacrificing your well-being.

Transform challenges into opportunities for growth: Turn obstacles into stepping stones by adopting a growth mindset and effective strategies.

Nurture both professional success and personal health: Find the balance between growing your business and taking care of yourself, ensuring long-term success and fulfillment.


Does anxiety, overwhelm, and stress frequently stall your progress? With the ZenPreneur Method, you'll transform self-doubt into the confidence to become a better leader and grow your business.


What if you could run your business with a calm and clear mind? As a ZenPreneur, you’ll learn practical techniques that make you more money without sacrificing inner peace.

Achieve mental clarity to focus on high ROI activities

Operate in a peak performance state

Handle business problems with mindfulness and resilience



Running your own business requires you to consistently perform at the highest level.

1:1 Coaching

Coaching for Business and Agency Owners who are ready to break into multi 6 & 7 figures.

6 Figure Zen Program

A 6 months business accelerator designed to help scale your agency to multi-6 figures with inner peace.

High Impact Speaking

Transform Your Business' performance by blending high performance with Zen principles.

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Mario has helped thousands of business owners achieve sustainable success

My business has been consistently growing and new and exciting opportunities have come my way that I never imagined before. Also, my marriage is stronger than it ever has been. I have a feeling of peace within myself that I have not ever experienced. Of all the courses and programs and coaching I have done through the years, Mario’s program has been the most transformational.

Annie McCarty

Executive Business Coach

Thanks to Mario, I've gone from burnt out low 6 figures solopreneur to business owner doing $5m+ in revenue with 2 businesses in 2023. Mario enabled me to become a powerful executive leader and helped me build the best talent in the world around me. Working with Mario, I was able to completely flip the script.

Andre Haykal

Co-Founder of KnowledgeX, Client Ascension and List Kit

I began working with Mario when facing personal crises and a booming business I couldn’t manage. Mario helped me take a step back to make logical decisions, balance my personal life with business demands, and handle stress. His coaching provided me with essential skills in time management and leadership. If you're dealing with rapid business growth, speak to Mario.

Kyle Mau

Founder of HireUA

Mario completely changed my perspective on how I see myself, how I define success, and how I face personal and professional challenges. That helped me grow my business significantly while feeling aligned with my work and how I market myself. I appreciated his sensitive and holistic approach that wasn’t just focused on making more money, but reaching freedom in all areas of life!

Diana Grobelny

Online Business Owner

Mario guided me to scale my business with systems and processes that made my entire process so much smoother. His Mindset shifts helped me redirect my focus and energy on new possibilities of income which resulted in several 20k paydays with my business! I’m feeling abundant as there is so much energy, love and new money to welcome and invite into my life.


CEO of Awesome Homes & Podcast Host


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Find Peace Of Mind While Growing Your Business

Achieve work-life harmony

Scale with strategic speed and mindfulness

Become the visionary leader your team wants to follow

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“Mario’s coaching changed my life! He guided me from the beginning of my entrepreneurial days to building two 7-figure businesses. If you ever get the chance to work with him, consider yourself lucky because you’re in for a huge growth experience.”

Andre Haykal - Co-founder of KnowledgeX, Client Ascension, and List Kit